Welcome to LifeSketch Medical Photography

LifeSketch Medical Photography mainly refers to the clinical imagery provided for doctors, particularly plastic surgeons.  I have worked with more than 12 plastic surgeons in the past, providing the before and after photos of their patients.  There are a variety of uses for before and after photography.  In addition to using the images to track a patients progress throughout their surgeries, my photos have been used in studies and publications, for Boards as well as in the operating room.  They can also be used on websites and in books to display the doctors successful work.

My mobile studio comes complete with professional studio lighting, ensuring well-lit, consistent imagery every shot.  I have a variety of backgrounds- the most common colors for plastic surgeons tend to be either blue or black, but I have a few other options as well.  My camera and lenses are tack sharp and provide impeccable images for close up or wide shots.

Each doctor has very specific preferences in regards to what they need for each procedure.  Through my experience, I have created a simple form that narrows down the preferences of the doctor.  It is imperative that they get the exact shots they need.  

The key to successful clinical photography is consistency.  The challenge to shooting before and after photos is not in creativity or angles or unique lighting. On the contrary.  The challenge is taking a photo that matches the photo you took six months ago as closely as possible.  When holding the two images side-by-side, the only obvious differences should be the changes the doctors made.  This includes being extremely precise and consistent with lighting, posing, cropping, head or body positioning, camera angle, expression and tension.  

In addition to technical precision, the other mandatory skill for this type of photography is compassion.  Patients who come to plastic surgeons are often already insecure about whatever issue they want to address. To then have to have photos taken of that area can be extremely uncomfortable.  It is my job to put the patient as at ease as can be and to shoot the images quickly.



The Way it Works

Logistically, you may be wondering how such a setup works.  I work on contract, but a consistent contract.  We work together to find a consistent day every week that would be the most beneficial to you and your office.  Every office has different systems of seeing patients.  Some have a 'clinic day' during which they schedule their new patients.  It would be during that day that I would come in and shoot. I would need to be provided a private room, a minimum of 6 feet by 10 feet.  I can work around most obstacles as long as I can move them (furniture, exam tables, etc).  I would also need a power source for my lighting (an outlet).  Then, I would just need some patients!

I am very familiar with HIPAA guidelines and restrictions. At the end of the day, after all the shooting is completed, I upload all the images and rename them according to your specifications.  I then load all the images into your system and delete them from mine.  I pack up my studio and am out of your space until the following week.     



I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such talented surgeons and their teams.  Thank you all for your kind words.   

"I have worked with several medical photographers during my career and I can say without reservation that Rachel is the most accomplished photographer I have had the pleasure of working with.  Rachel is amicable, available, caring, professional, ethical, honest and dependable."

                                                                                                                                    Dr. John L. Burns

"Ms. Boettcher is one of the most respected and talented photographers we have... She possesses more than just an extraordinary talent, but also a unique sense of humor and creative way of looking at life. She consistently exhibits a positive work ethic and pleasant demeanor, and is quite adept at putting her subjects at ease, despite their vulnerability at being disrobed."

                                                                                                                                    Dr. Bryan S. Armijo

"She has proven to be extremely efficient in this fast paced environment... Each physician has his own ideas how he prefers his photographs and she listens well and does the requests the very first time she is told. She has such a pleasant personality and works well with all of the staff and is particularly kind to the patients and is wonderful at putting them at ease."

                                                                                                                                    Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

"She professionally carries out this role in regard to interactions laced with respect, courtesy and kindness. Her attention to detail is obvious in how she preforms (product output) and in clarifying even small aspects of what is required for certain tasks. Her personality is pleasant, unassuming, and humorous. Her "can do" attitude inspires confidence and trust."

                                                                                                                                    Dr. H.S. Byrd

"The quality of her photography is outstanding, and she has shown an incredible ability to efficiently handle the busy patient flow while maintaining a caring and positive attitude. She has been a favorite of our staff and patients alike."

                                                                                                                                    Dr. Richard Y. Ha                          


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