I'm Rachel.  Welcome to LifeSketch Photography.  I just moved from Texas to the beautiful state of Vermont and I can't wait to start capturing amazing images here!!  While I specialize in children's portraiture, I have a great deal of experience shooting a wide variety of subject matter.  Having spent years photographing for the US Air Force Academy, on cruise ships, for plastic surgeons, for professional musicians, for athletes,  I can handle just about anything you can throw at me.  So feel free to give me a call about what you need photographed- chances are I have done it before, and can capture some amazing images for you. LifeSketch is about capturing the truth of the moment. 


Children's Portraiture:

I love kids.  It may have something to do with the fact that at heart, I am just a big kid myself.  I love to play. I love to laugh. I love to see the joy in the simple things.  Perhaps that is why childhood is my favorite age to photograph.  Don't get me wrong- babies are adorable and teens and adults can be very fun as well, and I am always happy to photograph them.  However, that age that often gets skipped by photos fascinates me. No longer an infant and not yet ready for graduation photos.  It's an age when personalities are developing.  They are no longer just learning about the world around them, but interacting with it.  They are creating opinions, explanations, and stories that are unique, often unfettered by societal expectations or scientific limitations.  Creativity and excitement abounds.  It's amazing and I strive to capture those emotions in my photographs.  Gap-toothed smiles, pensive looks, and yes, even tears all have a truth to them.  The kids will grow up, leaving behind their explanations of what the moon is made of and why it should be called an 'armbow' instead of an 'elbow'.   Hopefully these photographs will be a reminder of the innocence and creativity of childhood, and allow all of us to remember what it was like to live and love each moment in life.  


Families/Couples/Seniors/Head shots

Whether it is a family bursting with wiggles and giggles, a newly engaged couple full of love and enthusiasm for their upcoming nuptials, a senior who is excited for their next steps into the world, or a professional looking to strike just the right look of welcoming but competent and serious, capturing those moments and personalities is about making the subject(s) comfortable enough to be themselves.  No fake cheese will cut it! 


Pet Portraiture

Do you have another member of the family that you want to have photographed?   Our fur babies are an important part of our families- often bringing laughter, companionship, and sometimes a bit of frustration.  It's fun to have a portrait to capture these wee beasties personalities.  
What if you have a less conventional pet?  Bring it on!  I have photographed exotic pets of all sorts- horses, snakes, lizards, and yes, even a slug (Bud the slug was very photogenic and cooperative!).  Don't be shy, give me a call!


Live Action

Do you have an event that you need captured? Birthday Party, Wedding, Sporting Event, Corporate Event?  I can accommodate many different options- just let me know what you're looking for! 


Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon!